We are a market place that deals with water,
which is needed forever for humanity.


Everything that a person comes into contact with through their lives is generated via the marketplace and it has vastly transformed how we live. You could say that the foundations of our modern lives are all supported by the marketplace. Thus we will build a marketplace for "water", something that humankind will always need.


To avoid counterparty risk, Firop utilizes the DEX concept for complete distribution. With DEX, the marketplace is not on a server, but is constructed on a blockchain, and investors do not entrust their capital to a marketplace, rather trustless P2P transactions under the management of the investor themselves are made possible and this avoids asset loss risk due from hacking or central administrators. Although the Firop project has been limited to the freshwater generation field, the framework can also be applied to other virtual currencies, in addition to marketplaces that handle all other kinds of fields.


In Firop upon limiting the fields and imposing a fixed standard of available information for investors to make it more clear, this makes the process of selecting where to invest easier for them. By providing investors with this kind of environment, Firop aims to be a place that connects many research institutions with investors, make the speedy procurement of capital for research institutions a reality, and build a development environment that leads to the rapid implementation of freshwater generation technology.

Management Plan
Management Plan

The FDP that we issue functions as the average value of the freshwater generation field. If you were to talk in terms of existing financial markets, we would be talking about the Dow Jones Industrial Average (hereafter "DJIA"). The DJIA is the average value of the 30 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and is an index so important that it affects the world's financial markets. FDP will be the central index for the desalination field that will be so indispensable to humans in the future, and will become an index so important that it affects economic activity the world over.

Allocation of Token
Allocation of Funds

Tokens are allocated in this proportion.
Those distributed to teams are locked up for three years.
Those distributed to companies are pooled in preparation for unforeseen circumstances.

Token Information
Token Symbol FDP
Token Price 1FDP = 0.5USD
ICO Sale
Period Jun.1st - Aug.31st
Soft Cap 5 million USD
Hard Cap 35 million USD
Jun.1 UTC 9 am - Jun.16 UTC 9 am
Jun.16 UTC 9 am - Jul.1 UTC 9 am
Jul.1 UTC 9 am - Aug.1 UTC 9 am
Aug.1 UTC 9 am - Aug.31 UTC 9 am
How much FDP will be issued?

The total issue amount will be calculated based on that the FDP issued during the ICO Sale and airdrops will make up 70% of the total, and they will be distributed in the proportions listed under the section "Allocation of Token".

What happens if the soft cap isn't reached in the ICO sale?

If the soft cap isn't reached, we will return all of your capital to you.

When will I be able to exchange my FDP?

You will be able to exchange on a Crypto Currency Exchange confirmed to list FDPs in December 2018.

Is FDP a security?

No, FDP is not a security.

What kind of vision do you hold for FDP's future?

FDP will aim to be a new world standard as the central benchmark for the water generation sector, and we are even looking into listing on existing stock exchanges as well.

Will I also be able to exchange FDP from an AirDrop?

Yes, all FDP will be freely exchangeable on Crypto Currency Exchange.

When will I get the bonuses from the ICO sale?

They will be conferred 7-10 days after the end of ICO sale.

Where are you located?

The headquarters for Firop is located in Frankfort, Germany. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving with extreme pace, causing various risk prevention measures to be left behind, leading to frequent cases of direct forceful robbery or hacking of companies or relevant entities. This is why we have decided to withhold detailed information until a stable corporate environment is put into place.

Frankfurt Germany

"Firop" token is listed on WAVES DEX (https://wavesplatform.com/).
 Token Name: Firop
 Token ID: 7ccj3u2A3QWA6tS8tHf3iKXcaMDJT7qqRBqTo9jSJU2w
Verify the token name and ID before trade and/or transfer.